Principalmente bajista, multi-instrumentista y productor, Marcus Miller ha trabajado
en cientos de sesiones jazz cruce, R & B y rock y ha publicado varias grabaciones
en solitario desde finales de los años 70 sus inicios con Bobbi Humphrey y Lonnie Liston Smith.

Igual que sus muchos sombreros que se ha colocado es improvisador, intérprete, arreglista,
compositor, compositor de música de películas, bajista, clarinetista, saxofonista y con todos
esos instrumentos han sido puesto por él en aras de la fantasía musical.

Cd 1: The Sun Don’t Lie (1993)

01.Panther (6:03)
02.Steveland (7:22)
03.Rampage (5:49)
04.The Sun Don’t Lie (6:30)
05.Scoop (5:59)
06.Mr. Pastorius (1:26)
07.Funny (All She Needs Is Love) (5:26)
08.Moons (4:53)
09.Teen Town (4:56)
10.JuJu (6:03)
11.The King Is Gone (For Miles) (6:05)

Total Time 01:00:31

Marcus Miller: bass guitar, keyboards, drum programming, bass clarinet, rhythm guitar, etc.
Lenny White: drums, percussion
Will Calhoun: drums
Miles Davis: trumpet
Paulinho Da Costa: percussion

Cd 2: Free (2007)

01.Blast (5:43)
02.Funk Joint (5:42)
03.Free (5:39)
04.Strum (5:40)
05.Milky Way (5:38)
06.Pluck (Interlude) (3:55)
07.When I Fall In Love (5:24)
08.Jean Pierre (7:26)
09.Higher Ground (6:30)
10.What Is Hip? (5:58)

Total Time 00:57:40

Marcus Miller: bass guitar, keyboards, sitar, bass clarinet, etc.
Gregoire Maret. harmonica
Michael “Patches” Stewart: trumpet
Poogie Bell: drums
Keith Anderson. Tenor saxophone
David Sanborn: alto saxophone

Cd 3: M² (2001)

01.Power (4:36)
02.Lonnie’s Lament (5:38)
03.Boomerang (5:49)
04.Nikki’s Groove (3:28)
05.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (3:34)
06.Ozell (Interlude 1) (0:48)
07.Burning Down The House (6:53)
08.It’s Me Again (6:04)
09.Cousin John (4:42)
10.Ozell (Interlude 2) (0:39)
11.3 Deuces (5:50)
12.Red Baron (6:37)
13.Ozell (Interlude 3) (1:01)
14.Your Amazing Grace (7:44)
15.Ozell (Interlude 4) (1:54)

Total Time 01:05:28

Marcus Miller: bass, bass guitar, synthesizer, Wurlitzer, vocals, etc.
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums
Maceo Parker: alto saxophone
Herbie Hancock: piano
Poogie Bell: drums
Chaka Khan: vocal

Cd 4: Silver Rain (2005)

01.Intro Duction (0:29)
02. Bruce Lee (5:23)
03.La Villette (5:54)
04.Behind The Smile (6:25)
05.Frankenstein (6:32)
06.Moonlight Sonata (7:38)
07.Boogie On Raggae Woman (5:03)
08.Paris (Interlude) (1:14)
09.Silver Rain (6:07)
10.Make Up My Mind (3:42)
11.Girls And Boys (5:35)
12.Sophisticated Lady (5:22)
13.Power Of Soul (6:52)
14.Outro Duction (0:53)
15.The Lord’s Prayer (2:43)
16.Silver Rain (featuring joey Kibble) (6:35)

Total Time 01:16:34

Marcus Miller: bass guitar, bass clarinet, drums, keyboards, sax (soprano), etc.
Gregoire Maret: harmonica
Crag J, Monyungo Jackson: percussion
Roger Byam: tenor saxophone
Poogie Bell: drums

Cd 5: Tales (1994)

01.The Blues (5:45)
02.Tales (5:46)
03.Eric (6:16
04.True geminis (5:35)
05.Rush Over (5:18)
06.Running Through My Dreams (Interlude) (1:27)
07.Ethiopia (5:15)
08.Strange Fuit (3:19)
09.Visions (4:48)
10.Brazilian Rhyme (5:01)
11.Forevermore (5:07)
12.Infatuation (5:08)
13.Tales (Reprise) (2:34)
14.Come Together (5:30)

Total Time 01:07:27

Marcus Miller: bass guitar, synthesizer, keyboards, bass clarinet, etc.
Poogie Bell: drums
Kenny Garrett: alto saxophone
Michael “Patches” Etewart: trumpet

Formato:  EAC rip – Flac (image) + Cue + Log – Covers scans
Tamaño:   2,1 Gb
Genero:  Jazz, Smooth Jazz

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