FontLab Studio 5 es un editor de fuentes profesional para Mac.

Utilizado por Adobe, Apple, Bitstream, IBM, Linotype, Microsoft, Monotype, Morisawa y casi todos los otros grandes de la fuente de la fundición en el mundo, es la solución completa para fundiciones de fuentes, los diseñadores profesionales de tipo, tipógrafos y estudios de diseño gráfico, lo que les permite tipos de letra de diseño y crear o modificar las fuentes. FontLab Studio 5 soporta todos los formatos principales de la fuente de contorno, incluyendo Tipo 1, TrueType, Multiple Master y OpenType.

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Versión Built 4549
#123 Partial deselection of outlines when using “Font Audit”
#259 Expand Kerning deletes kerning pair from all masters if this pair has zero value in first master
#331 Typing non-Western letters does not work in Text Mode of Metrics Window
#352 Text File Loading/ Conversion in Metrics Panel problem
#476 Sidebearings in Metrics Window
#478 Unicode ranges issue
#515 Still odd copy-paste behavior in Metrics Window
#566 Mac name doesn’t work
#575 Direct keyboard access in the “Font window” should depend on input sources
#588 Impossible to open .fog through “File>Open” dialog
#592 Junk ticks remain visible in the “Content” pop-up menu from the “Test Font” window
#598 “Preferences” dialog becomes corrupted while moving through the keyboard
#615 Crash after removal of axes in MM font
#632 Incorrect transfers of features data during the font generation
#633 Fonts aliases cannot be opened with “Open” dialog
#638 Low performance in the “Glyph window” with active “Smart shapes” panel
#642 Incorrect behavior of the “Affect composites” checkbox in the “Action” dialog
#643 App allows to open junk “Glyph window” after closing all windows
#646 Incorrect data records in the “Manufacturer name” row from the [name] table
#652 Crash during MM generation
#653 Crash while trying to print “Kerning table”
#654 Crash when renaming glyph
#655 Crash when trying to change first PANOSE number
#656 Incorrect FontBBox values when generating a Type 1 font that has an UPM that is not 1000
#658 Crash after executing “Add Suffix to Name” command
#660 Class kerning being expanded when opening an OpenType font
#663 Incorrect data records in the “Kerning table” while set “0” kerning for the previous row
#664 Text input fields become corrupted while drag sliders in the “Generate Instance” dialog
#665 Hang after executing “Add Suffix to Name” command
#666 “Properties” button for some tools in the “Smart Shapes” panel doesn’t work
#669 Printed pages are clipped
#670 Print dialog is closed immediately after attempt to print string of glyphs
#671 Bad redrawing after using “Drop” macro tool
#673 “name” table problems still exist
#674 Incorrect non-ascii chars are printed when “Font Sample” item is chosen
#676 Items in the “Cell caption” pop-up menu are shifted
#678 alias.dat
#680 Generate Glyphs broken
#684 Copy and paste of text in Metrics Window crashes Fontlab
#686 Save dialogue is broken
#688 Compile features consistently crashes Fontlab

Mac OS X 10.5 o posterior.
Probado en Mac OS X 10.6.8