EvoCam es el último software de cámara web para Mac OS X.

Usa EvoCam para la publicación de una cámara web con streaming de vídeo, ver y grabar vídeo
desde cámaras de red y servidores de vídeo, crear películas timelapse,
o utilizarlo como parte de su sistema de seguridad
en el hogar con su movimiento permite configurar sensores, etc.
Estas son sólo algunas de las cosas que puedes hacer con esta fácil de usar pero muy potente
software de cámara web.

Supports multiple cameras simultaneously
Supports multiple webcam windows, each with independent settings
Supports virtually any QuickTime-compatible camera or video input device
Supports a wide variety of network cameras and video servers
Includes built-in web server with Java-based streaming video support
Supports Bonjour for publishing your webcam on your local network
Records video in 1 hour segments with optional recycling of old segments
Uploads images via FTP or SFTP to remote web servers
Emails images as MIME attachments to an email account
Saves images locally for use with Web Sharing or other web server software
Archives all images to timelapse QuickTime movies and/or separate images
Includes a Java webcam applet to display your webcam image on your web page
Powerful schedules to control when EvoCam is online
Unlimited motion sensors for automatic image capture when motion occurs
Unlimited text captions and clocks using any font, size, style or color
Unlimited picture badges using any image file, QuickTime movie, or dynamic image from a URL
Unlimited QuickTime Effect items
AppleScript support for control and customizatio

Version 4
Added support for AvioSys IP9100A
Added support for Cisco PVC2300, WVC80N
Added support for D-Link DCS-900, DCS‑930L, DCS‑932L
Added support for EyeSpy247 EXT
Added support for Linksys WVC54GCA
Added support for StarDot NetCam
Added support for TP-LINK TL‑SC3171, TL‑SC4171G
Added support for TRENDnet TV‑IP100, TV‑IP100W, TV‑IP200, TV‑IP200W, TV‑IP400, TV‑IP400W, TV‑IP501W, TV‑IP600
Added support for TRENDnet TV‑IP110, TV‑IP110W, TV‑IP312W, TV‑IP410, TV‑IP422W
Added support for Y-cam Black, White, Knight
Added support for Canon PTZ protocol
Added ‘Save x images in folder’ action
Added search to built-in user guide
Added fallback to Server Push streaming for iPhone/iPod/iPad when HTML5 is off
Added item size and angle display while resizing or rotating
Fixed issue affecting application stability
Fixed issue where password for streaming was not saved
Fixed issue where sensors were not active if window was miniaturized
Fixed issue where mute setting for media items was not saved correctly
Fixed issue where tabbing between items did not work correctly

Mac OS X 10.5 (or later)
QuickTime 7.0 (or later)